Shelter Statistics

HSPC supports the Shelter Animals Count effort to create a national database of animals in our nation’s shelters.
cat in shelter cage

January – December 2020

Incoming Animals

Stray & Abandoned


Seized by law enforcement

Transferred from other animal welfare orgs

Outgoing Animals


Returned to owners

Transferred to other animal welfare orgs

Services Provided

Animal nights in foster care

Volunteer Fosters

Volunteer Hours



Other types of surgeries

Live Release Rate

The Live Release (Save) Rate report is generated directly from our database giving the inventory, intake and outcome of all dogs and cats (the report does NOT include small mammals, TNR or other community spay/neuter surgeries).

The Live Release Rate, also known as the Save Rate, is the percentage of dogs and cats adopted, returned to their owner, or transferred to another organization.

Please keep in mind there is no perfect report to measure the success of a shelter. It is important to know, before looking at these reports, every shelter has its own definition of what is healthy, unhealthy, treatable, manageable and rehabilitatable as far as the category in which an animal is put into. What one shelter considers treatable, another shelter may consider untreatable depending on their policies, and resources.

For detailed animal counts, please view the links below.

  • 2012 85.10% 85.10%
  • 2013 81.26% 81.26%
  • 2014 89.89% 89.89%
  • 2015 91.92% 91.92%
  • 2016 95.03% 95.03%
  • 2017 95.88% 95.88%
  • 2018 97.02% 97.02%
  • 2019 97.57% 97.57%
  • 2020 98.12% 98.12%